Surviving tax season has many freelancers, contractors and small business owners worried. Have you ever filed for an extension? Have you wondered where you could be saving? Second guessing an expense? CPA Sidekicks are seasoned professionals with years of experience with tax compliance. We are small business experts ready to tackle tax season with you, worry free.


The Heroes Group offers:

  • Income tax return preparation
  • Sales tax return preparation
  • Tangible tax return preparation
  • Electronic W9 tracking and management
  • Electronic delivery and filing of 1099s
  • Estimated tax calculations
  • Tax planning


Our mission to deliver reliable accounting, tax & advisory services to our Heroes. Empowered with accurate financials, Heroes can take on anything. We handled your books and prepped everything for this very moment: Tax Season. Rest assured we have your back. Having an experienced CPA gives you piece of mind with tax compliance, and we’ve got the best.


With our Sidekick Support you can rest assured; if you have questions, we have answers. You’re not alone. We battle the IRS so you can continue being a Hero at what you do best. View one of our tax services packages to see if we’d be a good team.


Looking for more information?  Download a copy of our FREE Tax & Planning Guide.

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When Sidekicks take care of your annual tax work, we minimize your worry. Our mission is to be your Accounting Sidekick.

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