3 Small Business Apps for Startups

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3 Small Business Apps for Startups

Our Sidekicks at The Heroes Group love simplicity for our small business owners. When we find a solution that saves us time and adds value for our clients, we share. Saving time and making processes more efficient is what we do best. Here are a few of our favorite small business apps that we absolutely love, and might work for you and your startup.

Expensify is a travel and expense web and mobile application for personal and small business use. It eliminates a big pain point of reimbursing employees and tracking expense reports. It also integrates with most accounting software including our favorite, Xero.

Why we love it:

  • It’s user-friendly interface allows you to quickly add cash expenses and import your card transactions.
  • It integrates with Xero, our beautiful accounting software.
  • We love this app when capturing mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses for our clients’ employees.
  • Bring receipts into Expensify via Chrome Extension, and integrations with Evernote, Dropbox, Genius Scan, and more.
  • Reimburse via ACH Direct Deposit, PayPal or payroll, all at no additional cost!
  • One of our favorites – its automated controls eliminate duplicate expenses.


Eliminate phone tag once and for all with Calendly. This amazing app makes life easier for small business owners, startups, freelancers – businesses of any size really – and their customers through simple, user-friendly scheduling software.

Why we love it:

  • The Calendar Integration is fantastic. Easily connect to your Google or Office 365 calendar for conflicts, so you’re never double-booked. It even adds new events to your calendar automatically.
  • The software automatically notifies you (reminders in addition to new bookings/appointments) as well as automatically emailing custom confirmations and reminders to invitees.
  • It’s FREE. Paid options are available if you need more customized scheduling.
  • Need time for coffee or driving time? No problem. Set buffer times between meetings, prevent last minute meetings and create secret event types.


The Slack App is real-time messaging that brings all your communication together in one place for collaborative teams. But that’s not all. It has a lot of great integrations such as Stripe and Mixmax that help you keep track of payments and emails from a single app.

Why we love it:

  • It’s free. Need we elaborate?
  • Share your messages, files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets with ease. Just drag and drop, add comments, star for later reference – all completely searchable. Simply paste the link to your Google Drive or Dropbox document and it is immediately in sync and searchable.
  • It’s app integration makes life simpler. Such as Stripe to track payments, Google Analytics and Asana. Read more here
  • For those teams who need added privacy, you create private channels for sensitive information and only invite a select team members to join.


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